What does “La Toscanella” mean?
It means a young woman from Tuscany.

What is a panini?
A panini is a grilled sandwich usually served on Ciabatta bread.

What is ciabatta?
Ciabatta is a very crusty Italian flatbread. Our ciabatta bread is homemade using our traditional Italian recipe.

What is the difference between fresh mozzarella and regular mozzarella?
Fresh mozzarella is neither cooked nor processed and has no additional seasonings. It is the mozzarella most often used in Italy.

Do you burn wood?
Our oven does have the capability to burn wood; however when doing so the oven has less space to cook pizza and the temperature is harder to regulate, so normally we do not.

Do you deliver?
We have started limited delivery to Route 100 in West Dover. We hope to expand our delivery in the future. Please call for details.

Do you take reservations?
No we do not. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Are you child friendly?
Absolutely, kids are encouraged to add to our wall of pizza.

How many people can you seat?
We can seat 21 people.

How long does a pizza take to cook?
The whole process from stretch to cut takes 10-12 minutes for a single pizza.

Can I make a pizza ½ with white sauce and ½ with red sauce?
No we cannot. Unfortunately, when the red and white sauces get hot they run together.

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